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    wifi voice control smart wake-up light alarm clock


    wifi voice control smart wake-up light alarm clock sunrise natural wake-up light

    New wifi voice control smart wake-up light alarm clock, sound and light integrated sleep atmosphere light, sunrise natural wake-up light

    Light is the best alarm clock for the biological clock. The wake-up light is just like the morning when the sun rises. It prepares your mind and body for awakening. At the same time, it is accompanied by the crisp birdsong from far to near, which gently awakens you in your sleep.


    1. Smart sunrise alarm

    2. Support Tuya App, Voice control
    3. Simulation sunrise before alarm time to help you wake up naturally

    4. Gradual sunset help you to fall asleep
    5. Bedside lamp with 30 brightness settings
    6. LED colored mood light create fascinating atmosphere
    7. Digital LED display with 3 brightness setting
    8. Time display 24 H mode
    9. 10 options for alarm music
    10. Snooze function
    11. Sound recording
    12. FM radio
    13.Bulit-in white LED and RGB
    14.Including 1xCR2032 lithium battery only used to memorize the time.
    15. Supply:by Mirco usb cable (included) or adaptor (included)

    16. Dimension:170*180*110mm

    Package contains

    1 sunrise alarm clock (insert 1 x 2032 battery)
    1 x micro USB cable
    1 power adapter
    1 x instruction manual

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