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    Boogy Bright - Wireless LED Speaker Bulb

    It’s Time To Get Down... It’s Time to Boogie!

    Your boots were made for walkin’ and with BoogyBright that’s just what they will do!.. introducing our wireless LED speaker light that’ll get the party started and kick the holiday’s off real proper like

    Perfect for impromptu dance parties just dim the lights and set the mood with BoogyBrights various color themes and light modes.. this is a one-stop-shop for all of your dance party needs!

    BoogyBright is no ordinary light bulb though, oh no sir! It also doubles as a wireless Bluetooth speaker so when the mood strikes just flip on the light mode, crank the tunes and let your feet do the talkin’

    This party-starting wireless speaker bulb is a perfect way to get your family dancing and singing around the Christmas tree this year... don’t fear to spread some holiday cheer!

    So if you’re looking for a way to get the party started this holiday season, or you’re just looking for a perfect gift idea, grab BoogyBright and get your boots on because its time to do some walkin’


    Perfect for Impromptu Dance Parties! - This is a one-stop party maker.. with multiple colors and light modes and a builtin wireless speaker you’re ready to get down and clown anywhere, anytime

    Built-In Timer & Cell Phone Controls - Don’t worry if you pass out after partying hard, this awesome device has a built-in timer that’ll shut the party down all by itself

    Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift - This wireless LED speaker light makes for an amazing gift during the winter season! Be the parents all of your kid’s friends wish they had this year!

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