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    Bluetooth Music Starry Sky Projector


    The lighting range is large, and external sound can be connected. When used as a small computer speaker, the four-color water pattern light is a combination of red and green lasers. The water pattern has four colors of red, white, blue and green. The laser is red + green. Pattern color, water pattern speed, water pattern mode, Bluetooth mode, water pattern single control, laser single control, brightness, music control, sound control, selection mode, timing function, switch, any mobile phone or other device can be connected when Bluetooth is turned on , No need to check.

    The lamp body can be inserted into the TF card to play music, it is possible to adjust the rotation, voice control, switch the music between Bluetooth and TF card, adjust the volume, select songs up and down, turn on/off the sub


    Input voltage: 90V-240V
    Output voltage: 5V/2000MA
    Product power: RGBW2*3W+laser+dual motors (10W)
    Power supply mode: USB cable power supply (mobile power, computer, mobile phone adapter)
    Music mode: TF card, Bluetooth

    Package Content:

    1 x projector

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